Lomonosov Ridge

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Lomonosov ridge

[lō·mō′nȯ‚sȯf ‚rij]
An undersea ridge which subdivides the Arctic Basin, extending from Ellesmere Land to the New Siberian Islands.
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Lomonosov Ridge


an underwater ridge in the Arctic Ocean. It extends for about 1,800 km from the Novosibirskie Islands across the central part of the ocean to Ellesmere Island in the Canadian arctic archipelago. It is 60-200 km wide and rises 3,300-3,700 m from the ocean floor. At its greatest height the ridge lies at a depth of 954 m. The relatively steep slopes are dissected by canyons and covered by a layer of sandy silt. It was discovered in 1948 by Soviet polar expeditions and named in honor of M. V. Lomonosov.

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Continuing disputes align Russia against Canada and Denmark regarding control of the Lomonosov Ridge, most of which is in international waters.
In the summer of 2007, Russian explorers planted their flag on the underwater Lomonosov Ridge, deep in the Arctic and far beyond their country's exclusive economic zone.
Among the topics are the law and politics of the Lomonosov Ridge, Russia's energy policy in the Arctic region and China's opportunities, necessary conditions for the commercialization of Arctic shipping, the international regulation of central Arctic Ocean fishing, and comments on the three-stage approach of maritime delimitation.
During George's 16-year tenure in the directorship, he saw the completion of several major projects: the Sea-Ice Atlas of Arctic Canada, the Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment (AIDJEX), the Lomonosov Ridge Experiment (LOREX), and the Canadian Experiment to Study the Alpha Ridge (CESAR).
Earlier in the day, Russia submitted a revised application to the United Nations, seeking the expansion of its Arctic shelf border through the inclusion of the Lomonosov Ridge and other sections of the Arctic Ocean seafloor that have continental shelf properties.
Laurent will go on a six-week mission to map the Lomonosov Ridge, an undersea feature.
In fact, only one month after the prime minister made us all a little antsy about Arctic sovereignty, a team of Russian scientists used two mini-subs to plant their flag on the Lomonosov Ridge under the North Pole.
Canada's follow-up submission will include a claim to the Lomonosov Ridge, an undersea mountain range between Ellesmere Island, Canada's most northern land mass, and Russia's east Siberian coast.
Russia has been attempting to chart the Arctic Ocean's enormous underwater Lomonosov Ridge in an attempt to show that it is an extension of Russia's continental margin.
Unfazed by Moscow, the United States and fellow Arctic states criticized the extent of the Russian claim, particularly the attempt to declare an underwater mountain--known as Lomonosov Ridge, that runs through the central Arctic Ocean Basin--as an extension of the Russian landmass.
The Lomonosov Ridge is generally viewed as a continental sliver that stretches across the Arctic Ocean (e.g.