Long Branch

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Long Branch,

residential city (1990 pop. 28,658), Monmouth co., E central N.J., on the Atlantic coast; settled 1740, inc. 1904. It has clothing, cabinetmaking, and electronics industries. Long Branch, an ocean resort since the early 19th cent., boasts a prestigious history of vacationers. Presidents Grant, Hayes, Garfield, and Arthur summered there, and President Wilson's summer house (now part of Monmouth Univ.) was at West Long Branch. President Garfield died in Long Branch in 1881. A historical museum and an art center are in the city, and the Monmouth Park Racetrack is nearby. The city suffered significant damage from Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
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The position of portier in the chief hotels of Saratoga, Long Branch, New York, and similar centers of resort, would be one which the holder could afford to pay even more than five thousand dollars for, perhaps.
It'll never do to go down among them without a good long branch to brush them away--and what fun it'll be when they ask me how I like my walk.
She stopped with a little laugh of pleasure, and there, lo and behold, was the robin swaying on a long branch of ivy.
It reached New York in the late afternoon and was first seen by watchers at Ocean Grove and Long Branch coming swiftly out of the southward sea and going away to the northwest.
Police found the bodies of Steven Kologi, 44, Linda Kologi, 42, Brittany Kologi, 18, and Mary Schultz, 70, inside their Long Branch, New Jersey home that day.
The couple shared the plan with the town of Long Branch on the Jersey Shore.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 2, 2016-PetSmart to open first store in West Long Branch
Once settled in Dodge City, Loving often frequented the Long Branch Saloon, where he became associated with other well-known gamblers, gunmen, and lawmen, including Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp, Charlie Bassett, and John Allen.
com)-- Those seeking special transportation for celebrations such as weddings and proms will soon have improved online access to Long Branch Trolley Company, a trolley rental business serving central New Jersey and beyond.
Thankfully, the damage to Asbury Park was minimal, especially when compared to places like Long Branch, Asbury's neighbor to the north, where the storm surge hit the shoreline like a sledgehammer.
The 22-year-old officer left for New Jersey town of Long Branch after residents call in to complain about a suspicious man in the Latin quarter.