Long Island Sound

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Long Island Sound,

arm of the Atlantic Ocean, c.90 mi (145 km) long and 3–20 mi (5–32 km) wide, separating Long Island, N.Y., from the SE New York mainland and Connecticut. On the W the East River joins it with New York Bay. The sound is fed from the north by the Housatonic, Connecticut, and Thames rivers. The Long Island Sound is a popular leisure-boating center. New Haven, New London, and Bridgeport, Conn., are the largest port cities; many residential communities line the sound. Federal and state environmental studies in the mid-1990s identified serious problems in the sound and recommended a massive cleanup.
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Aidan O'Brien, trainer of Long Island Sound in good form and hought this looked deal race.
Eastern oysters Crassostrea virginica were collected by divers from the Flammonasset River, East River, and Tom's Creek in Connecticut, Long Island Sound, from June of 1986 until December of 1987.
The New Haven-based Long Island Sound sector of the Coast Guard deployed active-duty vessels, auxiliary Coast Guard boats or both for most of the safety zones involving fireworks displays last year, according to Lt.
Similarities between layers of sediment in Long Island Sound and layers on the continental shelf more than 100 kilometers offshore are a sign that the event that deposited the layers was large-scale, Abbott notes.
However, there is little information available regarding the abundance of warm-water fishes in estuaries farther north in the estuarine waters of Narragansett Bay (Narragansett Bay and several large salt ponds along the Atlantic coast of Rhode Island are hereafter referred to simply as Narragansett Bay) and Long Island Sound.
The trip was a short one, from a central Connecticut airport, across Long Island Sound to Islip, then Westhampton Beach and back home again.
David Paterson announced on April 10 that the state won't approve putting a $700 million liquefied natural gas terminal the size of the Queen Mary 2 in Long Island Sound.
Complete this activity to learn more about the food web of the Long Island Sound.
We'd take turns taking the ferry across Long Island Sound for our meetings--his place one time, mine the next.
Absorbency slows the rate of storm water run-off from the roof, resulting in less water in the sewer, and less overflow of untreated water into Long Island Sound and the East River.
ThermoEnergy signed a $7 million ammonia-removal contract with New York City last year, which the city hopes will help restore the water quality of the Long Island Sound.

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