Longline Fishing

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Longline Fishing


the catching of fish and squid with long-lined fishing gear having hooks on the ends. Longline fishing is used mainly for valuable fish, such as tuna and salmon, that live in small concentrations at the bottom or in the open sea.

Longlines may be horizontal or vertical. A horizontal longline consists of a main line, to which are attached branch lines with hooks and supporting buoys. In a bottom longline the main line is as much as 4 km long; the branch lines measure 0.7–1.5 m and are spaced 1.5–2.5 m apart. Drifting longlines, the type used for tuna, measure as much as 120 km long; the branch lines are 20–25 m long and are spaced 45–55 m apart.

A vertical longline for squid consists of a line as much as 100 m in length and equipment weighing 300–800 g, including 20–80 lures, each with 30–40 hooks; the distance between the lures is 20–60 cm.

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"We've had some long-line fishing boats [fishing very far off the coast] radio in with a crew member who has been injured," said Glynn.
In his powerpoint presentation, Rear Admiral (retd) Md Khurshid Alam termed the Bay of Bengal as the third neighbour and highlighted some of the aspects of blue economy like marine aquaculture, blue biotechnology, marine genetic resource, maritime transport shipping, coastal shipping, and introduction of long-line fishing, cruise line tourism, offshore wind energy and seabed mining.
The video was taken by an underwater camera system developed by the Australian Antarctic Division for commercial long-line fishing.
(58) Parliament responded by banning long-line fishing. (57) In 2003, a fleet of Korean fishing vessels was spotted fishing in Bahamian waters under the banner of a Bahamian company.
Because the turtles travel long distances across oceans, they frequently get tangled in long-line fishing nets.
New regulations are also expected for bluefin tuna stocks, which experience serious mortality as part of by-catch during commercial long-line fishing for yellowfin tuna and swordfish.
The long-line fishing boat was identified as the 48.25-ton Zheng Chang Fa No.
"This vessel will complement our use of simulators in the institute to train students how to fish, what to do when there's a high wave, how to sail into a port as well as the different finishing methods we teach here: long-line fishing, kill-net fishing and trawler fishing," said Ali Nasir Ali Alazri, Principal of Fishery Training Institute, Salalah.
Industrial-scale, long-line fishing is causing albatross deaths at a rate of around one bird every five minutes.
AT RISK: It's estimated 80,000 albatrosses are killed each year by long-line fishing vessels