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The outcomes from interpretation of images filmed by the high-sensitive and high-resolution video camera can be utilized as a very useful analysis method for appreciating the generation mechanism and movement route of longshore current and rip current.
Nevertheless, a very interesting result coming from the present work is that sometimes the presence of the energy farm may lead locally to enhancements of the longshore current velocity which means that due to the specific features of the site some coastal processes might be also accentuated.
The monthly variation of longshore currents is presented in the Table.1.
"Structural currents form along piers where longshore currents and wave action flow."
In the nearshore the pollution is usually spread along the coast due to the longshore currents. A simple, but very effective, model to estimate these currents, is SURF (Mettlach et al.
From this study, the generation routes of longshore currents and strong rip currents were calculated and the flow direction and flow velocity measured by the plane-unit method in field observations showed very similar tendencies to those of 3D hydraulic model tests.