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long-wall mining:

see coal miningcoal mining,
physical extraction of coal resources to yield coal; also, the business of exploring for, developing, mining, and transporting coal in any form. Coal has been historically important industrially as a source of energy, but air pollution and climate change, which the
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The Mission Assets will benefit from Murray Energy's best-in-class longwall mining and operational expertise, that will further enhance the value of these high quality metallurgical coal properties.
However, it cannot meet the requirement of large area longwall mining due to high investment, lack of solid waste material [12].
But longwall mining is not a new approach to coal mining.
At this level of production, the company said it expected the mine to run the longwall mining system for two, rather than three, shifts per day, and to take short, irregularly scheduled, idle periods to match production output with customer shipping schedules, thereby minimizing a build-up of coal inventories.
Longwall mining is a form of underground mining in which a long wall of coal is sliced from the face of the mine.
The potential bridge failure did not come about because of a natural occurrence, but rather is one side effect of longwall mining, a coal extraction method that has been gaining popularity in southwestern Pennsylvania for the past 25 years.
Three dimensional imaging capability (3-D RIM) with enhanced resolution and improved transmission and range to survey larger blocks of coal (especially important for super panels in longwall mining) are also noted features which have contributed to its adoption in the U.S.
Particularly outstanding in the first group of coal papers are an overview on the effects of longwall mining on aquifers (Booth), and a case study on the assessment, prediction and management of long-term, post-closure water quality at a South African coal mine (Hattingh et al.).
Subsided land is located above the hand-mined area: advancing-and-retreating mining and longwall mining with double-unit-face areas (Fig.
But the family's utopia was shattered earlier this year when a longwall mining operation rumbled 500 feet below their property.
According to Hamacher, these pipelines adapt to the movements of the conveyor in longwall mining operations without causing irreversible deformation, as well as being safer and cheaper to operate than hoses.