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see gourdgourd
, common name for some members of the Cucurbitaceae, a family of plants whose range includes all tropical and subtropical areas and extends into the temperate zones.
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SIDON, Lebanon: Loofahs used for baths are something that many in Lebanon are accustomed to.
Locally grown loofah sponges are inexpensive but their popularity has waned over other varieties of sponges imported from Egypt.
While it doesnt has bought accessories, Peterson has bought them directly from different vendors, successfully promoting loofahs and special exfoliating sponges.
And far more people were injured during the year by sponges and loofahs - 787 - than by meat cleavers or rat poison - 329 and 439 .
To highlight the natural derivation of loofahs - which are naturally the "skeletons" of edible gourds - Schroeder & Tremayne emphasizes concern for the planet and its fragile ecosystem.
l Pukey ll We'd rather eat our loofahs lll Worth a wallow llll Yummy lllll Valhalla for all you sweeties
They are being marketed primarily as adjuncts to the new approach to natural and artificial sponges, loofahs, and other accessories.
Her next holiday is to Greece - an excellent source of cheap sponges and loofahs. And now she has a new passion.
It is packed with hidden dangers - like loofahs, tweezers and oven clothes.
The Loofah Day takes place on November 8 with a talk from the head gardener and the chance to complete the final production stages of their own loofah.