Lopatin, Innokentii

Lopatin, Innokentii Aleksandrovich


Born Jan. 21 (Feb. 2), 1839, in Krasnoiarsk; died there Nov. 15, 1909. Russian geologist and geographer.

Lopatin graduated from the Corps of Mining Engineers in St. Petersburg in 1860. He studied the results of an earthquake on Lake Baikal (the mouth of the Selenga); directed the work of the Vitim expedition in 1865; and traveled along the Chulym, Podkamennaia Tunguska, and Angara rivers as well as through the Ussuri region and on the island of Sakhalin. Lopatin demonstrated the commercial significance of the coal deposits in the south of Sakhalin. A mountain on Sakhalin has been named after him. The diaries of the Vitim and Turukhan expeditions were published in the Zapiski (Notes) of the Russian Geographic Society (1867, 1872).


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