Loss of Something

What does it mean when you dream about losing something?

Losing an object in a dream can be a straightforward representation of something we feel that we have lost in our waking life, such as an opportunity, a relationship, or even a loss of health. (See also Missing).

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A cancer diagnosis, a failing relationship, or the loss of something or someone we love can cause us to feel lost and alone.
People dislike the loss of something more than they like gaining something.
But the overall theme of the victims was the loss of something else: a feeling of security in their own homes.
She felt the inestimable loss of something precious, of something meaningful in one's existence.
Ortese endows them with profound mute suffering, thus creating a "representation of helpless, vulnerable beings, subject to abandonment and the loss of something dear" (151).
It is the loss of something that touched your soul and changed you forever.
I'm personally calculating a loss of something in the area of 25%.
In Bonn, Saleemul Huq from the Responding to Climate Change (RTCC) put the definitions in simple terms where "losses" means "complete loss of something such as human lives, habitats, and species-something that cannot be brought back forever once lost" and "damages" means "something that can be repaired, such as roads or buildings.
The impending changes in major browsers to limit or eliminate plug-ins should not be viewed as a loss of something that is necessary, but rather as a doorway to what is possible.
the loss of something or someone, theproof that I am not good enough etc.
Hide and Seek, a contemporary dance performed by students aged 17-21, explores the feelings of total despair, anger and disbelief at the loss of something precious.
Now registered blind, he said: "Through loss of something I took for granted I have found something I didn't know I'd lost - the joy of story.