Lost Battalion

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Lost Battalion,

in World War I, popular name given to those American units of the 77th Division—six companies of the 1st and 2d battalions of the 308th Infantry, one company of the 307th Infantry, and the platoons of the 306th Machine Gun Battalion—that were cut off by German forces after the launching of an American attack in the Argonne Forest in early Oct., 1918. The Lost Battalion, numbering about 600 men and under the command of Major Charles W. Whittlesey, put up a heroic five-day defense in the Binarville Ravine without food, water, or reserve ammunition. After withstanding several heavy barrages and attacks, the Lost Battalion, which defiantly refused the German demand of surrender, was rescued (Oct. 8, 1918) by American relief troops. Some 400 men of the Lost Battalion perished.


See T. M. Johnson and F. Pratt, The Lost Battalion (1938).

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Honor before Glory: The Epic World War II Story of the Japanese-American GIs Who Rescued the Lost Battalion, by Scott McGaugh.
In addition to highlighting the regimentAEs famous rescue of the Lost Battalion (about 200 American soldiers trapped in a forest in France), the book discusses how the Japanese-American soldiers overcame prejudice, segregation, and racism.
4) The library of films used for this course totals 18 and includes Glory, Breaker Morant, The Lost Battalion, A Bridge Too Far, and A Bright Shining Lie among others (see Figure 2).
Not only were Stubby and Harold Krebs there, Jay Gatsby was there, too; he was an officer with the Lost Battalion (Fitzgerald 66).
The Lost Battalion of Tet: Breakout of the 2/112th Cavalry at Hue.
Revised and released to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Tet offensive, The Lost Battalion of Tet recounts events as they unfold from the perspective of author Charles Krohn as a participant, serving as the battalion S-2 (intelligence officer).
My father went to Bruyeres two times in his life--in 1944, when he was sent there during World War II, and in 1994 when he and my mother went on the 442nd reunion tour to re-visit the places the veterans had been during the war, and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Bruyeres and the rescue of the Lost Battalion.
95) provides a survey of military history, from a history of the draft and the Lost Battalion to a Coast Guard reindeer rescue plan.
The lost battalion of Tet; breakout of the 2/12th Cavalry at Hue.
Krohn presents The Lost Battalion of TET: Breakout of the 2/12th Cavalry at Hue, the revised paperback edition of "The Lost Battalion: Controversy and Casualties in the Battle of Hue", originally published in 1993.
Some of these are the dances of honey bees; chimps configuring boxes to be able to reach otherwise unreachable bananas; wasps providing food for their larval-stage offspring at the time of egg laying; the amazing abilities of bats, in spite of our propensity to malign them; a homing pigeon rescuing a lost battalion in WW I (the bird's remains are in the Smithsonian); macaques washing potatoes; and the recreational sex of dolphins.