Lost Dauphin

Lost Dauphin:

see Louis XVIILouis XVII
(Louis Charles), 1785–1795?, titular king of France (1793–95), known in popular legend as the "lost dauphin." The second son of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette, he became dauphin at the death (1789) of his elder brother.
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, titular king of France.
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In 1839 and afterwards, Williams began to make the claim that he was the French Lost Dauphin.
Vidocq at first suspects Carpentier's role in the murder--but soon, he and Carpentier are hot on the trail to solving the mysteries of the murder and the lost dauphin.
Was not the lost dauphin, though handsome was only Base-born and not even able To make a decent living, was only Himself, Jean Jacques, and his passion - what Is man but his passion?