Lost Generation

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Lost Generation


a phrase introduced by the American writer G. Stein, referring to Western European and American writers whose works, published in the 1920’s in the wake of the tragic experience of World War I (1914–18), expressed a profound disillusionment with capitalist civilization. Among the writers of the “lost generation” were E. Hemingway, W. Faulkner, J. Dos Passos, F. S. Fitzgerald, E. M. Remarque, and A. T. Kristensen.

In a broad sense, the lost generation was made up of people who had been through the war. Spiritually traumatized by this experience, they lost their faith in bourgeois virtues and became keenly aware of their alienation from society. The protest of writers of the lost generation is characterized chiefly by moral and ethical fervor. By the 1930’s the theme of the lost generation had lost much of its poignancy. After World War II (1939–45) some of the attitudes of the lost generation were expressed in the work of the “beat generation” (USA), the “angry young men” (Great Britain), and the “generation of returning soldiers” (Federal Republic of Germany).


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Lost Generation

intellectuals and aesthetes, rootless and disillusioned, who came to maturity during World War I. [Am. Lit.: Benét, 600]
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