lost-wax casting

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lost-wax casting:

see cire perduecire perdue
[Fr.,=lost wax], sculptural process of metal casting that may be used for hollow and solid casting. The sculptor makes a model in plaster or clay that is then coated with wax. This model is then covered with a perforated plaster or clay mold.
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Then using the lost wax process, casts them in solid sterling silver and 14K gold to make a unique and stunning collection of pendants, keychains and cufflinks.
The foam layers were glued together, the large shapes covered with clay, which was then covered by wax, and the pieces cast by the lost wax process at the Billings Bronze foundry in Montana.
Later this month we'll have glass sculptor Seth Randall demonstrating how he uses the lost wax process. We invite donors at a certain level to these events.
"We have created a daring fusion from a tecnical point of view," continues Casoni, "because we have fused a fir tree, using an old technique preceding the model in wax; the concept is still that of the lost wax process but we actually burned the tree directly with the needles and the wood in a fire resistant material.
The investment casting process used by the company is also known as the 'lost wax process' and is one of the oldest manufacturing methods, with examples of its uses going back several thousand years in the production of gold jewellery and statues by the Egyptians.
The detail is worked in wax and is direct cast in the lost wax process of bronze casting.
FP Castings in East Kilbride specialises in the production of precision investment steel castings, produced by the lost wax process. Following a management buyout, a programme of capital investment in terms of plant and equipment was introduced to ensure that the company maintained its position as a leading supplier to the international automotive, marine, petrochemical and food industries.
I use the lost wax process, which allows me--like jewelers--to create very fine detail.
According to VX Corp., the VX moldmaking tools help Guidant through a lost wax process in which complex geometries and varied wall thicknesses help mimic the realities of the human anatomy.
Morison (father of the current president) saw the same opportunity in the lost wax process that he had, and bought out the fledgling foundry.