Lot's wife

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Lot’s wife

ignores God’s command; turns to salt upon looking back. [O.T.: Genesis 19:26]
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However, the deal does not extend to the couple's two eldest children, and Lot's wife chooses to look back.
For lingering on the sordid stuff of earthly life, Lot's wife is turned into the one substance the Torah considers most pure and sacred.
I once read a revision of the story of Lot's wife which exalted Lot's wife, who has no name, because her turning to give a fond glance back to the town of Sodom was probably her sense of longing for those who she left in the town, women and men, Canaanites and Perizzites, Philistines and Hebrews, travellers and dwellers.
Lot's wife tarries and becomes a pillar of salt, presumably a visual description of natural phenomena that killed her.
Lot's wife was a pillar of salt during the day, but a ball of fire during the night.
There came into my mind the image of Lot's wife, who by looking round was turned into a pillar of salt.
The volume concludes with an original work, by Marina Warner, based on a sculpture of Lot's wife by Kiki Smith and the 2003 American invasion of Iraq.
I wouldn't have been surprised to find Lot's wife lurking under the boiled egg.
Take for example her poem "What Lot's Wife Would Have Said (If She Wasn't a Pillar of Salt)," which appears in her recent book, "Ceremony for the Choking Ghost," on Write Bloody Publishing.
At least Alyosha may ascend to Biblical status; if memory fades along with the sharp-etched lines of the Russian "liberator", then one day visitors may be told that it is a statue of Lot's Wife, in pillar-of-salt state.
I would propose that in the early narratives in BereshitGenesis--particularly the stories of Noach, Lot'sNoah, Lot's wife, and Isaac--we see different manifestations of severe psychological stress and reactions consistent with PTSD in these biblical personalities.
When we approach 2011, it must be made abundantly clear that anyone who looks back towards the united Sudan with still a feeling of admiration will unfortunately come to freeze mentally like what happened to Lot's wife in the biblical story when the Israelites were leaving the devilish kingdom of Sodom and Gomorrah.