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941–86, French king (954–86), son and successor of King Louis IV. During the early part of his reign he was dominated by Hugh the GreatHugh the Great,
d. 956, French duke; son of King Robert I and father of Hugh Capet. Excluded from the succession on his father's death by his brother-in-law Raoul, he supported the candidacy of Louis IV, the Carolingian heir, after Raoul's death (936).
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. Even after Hugh's death he was involved in conflict with the great feudal lords and controlled only a small part of France. He alienated his protector, Holy Roman Emperor Otto II, by his unsuccessful attempt to occupy Lotharingia (Lorraine) in 978. Otto retaliated by invading France. Although Lothair renounced all claims to Lotharingia at a meeting with Otto in 980, he tried to regain it after Otto's death in 983. He died during the campaign and was succeeded by his son Louis V.


sometimes called

Lothair II,

d. 869, king of Lotharingia (855–69), second son of Emperor of the West Lothair I. He inherited the region bounded by the Rhine, Scheldt, Alps, and North Sea, which became known as LotharingiaLotharingia
, name given to the northern portion of the lands assigned (843) to Emperor of the West Lothair I in the first division of the Carolingian empire (see Verdun, Treaty of).
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 (Lorraine). He was joined to Theutberga, the sister of one of his father's vassals, in an arranged marriage; after the death of Lothair I he repudiated her and married his mistress Waldrada, by whom he had a son. Theutberga appealed to Bishop HincmarHincmar
, 806–82, Frankish canonist and theologian, archbishop of Reims (from 845). He was a supporter of Carolingian Emperor Louis I and a counselor of his son Charles II (Charles the Bald).
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, a counselor to King Charles the Bald of the West Franks (later Emperor of the West Charles II). Charles, Lothair's uncle, hoped to annex Lotharingia if Lothair should die without an heir, which was likely since Theutberga was barren. Hincmar supported Theutberga and with the aid of Pope Nicholas INicholas I, Saint,
c.825–867, pope (858–67), a Roman; successor of Benedict III. He was a vigorous and politically active pope who arbitrated both temporal and religious disputes.
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 forced Lothair to reinstate her. When Lothair died suddenly his lands were divided between his uncles, Charles the Bald and Louis the GermanLouis the German,
c.804–876, king of the East Franks (817–76). When his father, Emperor of the West Louis I, partitioned the empire in 817, Louis received Bavaria and adjacent territories.
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, by the Treaty of Mersen (870).
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Ironically, the French boy does not express the desire to kill but rather the longing to reclaim the Alsace-Lorraine area, recently seized by the Prussians in the 1870-71 Franco-Prussian War and an area over which the French and Germans have disputed since the Serments de Strasbourg of 842, a pledge of military allegiance between Charles le Chauve and his brother Louis le Germanique against their older brother, Lothaire, who had inherited Alsace-Lorraine from his grandfather, Charlemagne.
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