Lotus 1-2-3

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Lotus 1-2-3

(tool, product)
A spreadsheet for MS-DOS from Lotus Development Corporation. It can be programmed using "macros" and comes with a separate program to produce graphs and charts but this cannot be run at the same time as the spreadsheet. It has keyboard-driven pop-up menus as well as one-key commands, making it fast to operate. Lotus 1-2-3 supported EGA and later VGA graphics. Early versions used the filename extension "WK1".

Version: 4.

Lotus 1-2-3 has been the subject of several user interface copyright court cases in the US.


1-2-3's successor, Symphony, had simultaneous update of spreadsheet, graph and word processor windows.

Lotus 1-2-3

A popular spreadsheet for PCs, originally introduced for DOS in 1983. Later ported to many other platforms, including Windows, OS/2 as well as minis and mainframes, Lotus 1-2-3 became part of the IBM Lotus SmartSuite package. In 2013, SmartSuite was discontinued.

Why 1, 2, 3?
The name was chosen because it integrated spreadsheet, database and graphics. Lotus 1-2-3 was the first innovative spreadsheet for the PC and was launched with a huge marketing campaign. Its ability to function like a simple database was unique, and turning data into a chart with a single keystroke was dazzling for its time. The Lotus macros were the first macro language widely used in a spreadsheet. The software was supplemented with LotusScript, a BASIC-like language that supported Notes manipulation. See Lotus menu and Lotus.
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Whether the source is delimited text, fixed text, comma separated values, an Excel file, or even Lotus 123 or Quattro Pro, there will be times when Access will detect a problem with the file that's difficult for you as the user to recognize.
The term "killer app" was first applied to spreadsheet programs like Lotus 123 in the 1980s, since it was applications like these that made ownership of personal computers indispensable for businesses.
1, cuando WordStar era aun el rey y WordPerfect le seguia muy de cerca, cuando Lotus 123 2.
Spreadsheet programs-Visicalc, Lotus 123 or Excel--were not yet developed, so multiple iterations of plans or "what if" analyses were difficult and limited.
Lotus 123 was the most popular spreadsheet (with Borland Quattro on its heals); WordPerfect was the most dominant word processor (with Microsoft word close behind); Ashton Tate's Dbase was the de facto database (Microrim's Rbase was there, too).
Once you download the attached file the virus is launched into your personal cyberspace, roaming your hard disk, deleting any files - particularly popular ones such as Microsoft Word or Lotus 123.
0 that can handle the Lotus 123 files without the need to convert down, but that doesn't seem to be very likely right now.
Applix used the technology to launch what it called the first ever integration of a web spreadsheet with real time OLAP capabilities, and later introduced the TMI Perspectives product, installed as an add-in to Lotus 123 or Excel.
When Lotus 123 was released without a version for the TI Professional, I bought a TI Business Pro, which was compatible with the IBM PC AT, meaning it had the next generation of Intel microprocessor--the 80286.
Other PC programs include spreadsheets such as: Excel and Lotus 123, databases such as: Paradox and DBASE, and various utilities and specialized programs such as: ACT, PC Tools, Sidekick, etc.
The three major packages are Quatro-Pro by Borland, Excel by Microsoft, and Lotus 123 Version 4.