lotus corniculatus

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birdsfoot trefoil

birdsfoot trefoil

A nitrogen fixer-it puts nitrogen into your soil acting as natural fertilizer and composter. Very alkalizing and good source of protein. Yellow flowers and leaves are great in salads. In alfalfa clover family.
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b) con relacion inversa Castanea sativa, Jasione montana, Lotus corniculatus y Sanguisorba minor.
Different concentrations of Lotus corniculatus lectin (100 ml, final concentrations at 30-10011g/m1) were added to the wells followed by incubation for 48 h.
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Similarly, feeding of Lotus corniculatus than perennial grass increased milk protein by 10% (Harris et al.
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2] still occurred in Kentucky bluegrass when relative water content was fully recovered (BIAN & JIANG, 2009) and high levels of MDA were found after recovery of water stress in seedlings of Lotus corniculatus, a low drought-tolerant species (OLSSON et al.