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A water plant that floats on top of the water, attached by a stem to roots under the mud below. The flower looks like a shower-head with nuts inside the holes. These nuts are a great food source when ripe. Flowers, seeds, young leaves, stem and roots can be eaten raw or cooked. The root is difficult to get to because it’s buried under the mud under the water. Because it’s a water plant, there is the possibility of parasites on the plant, so cooking is often recommended.
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He said the lotus pond is located at the entrance of the water purification area, and the lotus flowers are expected to reach their peak in early June, adding that the green leaves and red blooming flowers against the background of the historic buildings is an appealing scene unlike any other.
The retro yet modern garments are available in seven styles, including Key Lime Pie ($42), a fitted bib type with a garden of lotus flowers and bright citron contrasting 'des, convenient pocket at the bust, and bow at the waist; Strawberry Shortcake ($32), a half-apron with a garden of roses, delphiniums, and peonies, offset by a contrasting tie waist and ruffled pocket; and Wildberry Pie ($38), a full bib style with a bright patch of poplin, detailed with contrasting pattern at the tie-back waist and halter straps, and pleating at the empire waist.
Arif uses a mixed media technique consisting of oils and acrylic paint while he is immersed in a world of landscape fantasy featuring the lotus flowers, radiant in the moonlight, lighten night blue pools.
Prints of bamboo, flying stalks, lotus flowers and fireworks reflect the richness of the Orient.
Other activities involved using leaves and lotus flowers and creating outdoor displays.
John Rocha; 10 black Buddha head, pounds 18, 11 white faux lotus flowers in glass vase, pounds 20, Jane Packer, all from Debenhams; 12 Pink glazed sake set, pounds 20, and 13 pink glazed serving bowls, pounds 15, all TK Maxx; 14 pink and red flower hair pins, pounds 8 each, Accessorize.
The rising of lotus flowers; self-education by deaf children in Thai boarding schools.
The pond is dotted with lotus flowers, one of the symbols of enlightenment in Buddhism.
The ceramic dinnerware, serveware and accessories line is composed of two collections that currently exist in the metal line: Forest Leaf, which uses the shapes of leaves from around the world, and Lotus Pond, which takes its inspiration from aquatic flora such as lily pads and lotus flowers.
The work by Francis Neydhart features lotus flowers in Tokyo.
It sometimes calls itself an arts festival or an experiment in "radical self-reliance and radical self-expression." Picture a temporary city, built every August in Nevada's barren Black Rock Desert, where as many as 30,000 gather to set up shimmering temples, gardens of flame-shooting lotus flowers, three-story chandeliers that appear to have fallen from the sky, and other marvels they've spent countless hours constructing--for no glory other than the pleasure of their fellow "burners." The blissed-out festival, which operates on a no-barter, no-trade "gift economy," concludes with the ritual conflagration of a 40-foot statue: the Burning Man.
contains extract of lotus flowers and it's gorgeous.