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Classification of vocal quality including pitch and loudness showed no difference between groups, with children with typical language development (G3) showing more alterations.
The unique audio characteristics, in terms of channel configuration, dynamics, frequency range and SPL, presented by those devices require customised loudness adaptation that needs to be based on more sophisticated technologies than the ones we have been using in the past decade.
Psychoacoustic metrics are widely used to represent human perceptions of various sounds, and actually some of the most used ones, for example the loudness and sharpness, have already been standardized for routine uses.
In this realm of loudness, anyone who attempts to express an alternate viewpoint in a calm voice is quickly lost.
(1) Perceived loudness of individual sound or sound category (PLS): the mean of all the perceived loudness scores of a sound provided by a group of observers using the same pre-defined rating scale (five-point linear scale from "very quiet" to "very loud" in this study).
Further psychoacoustic transformations are applied: Computation of the Phon scale incorporates equal loudness curves, which account for the different perception of loudness at different frequencies.
Researchers also predicted the loudness of a summer's day in an alternate universe without people (below).
To assess the loudness of tinnitus, patients were asked to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.
My acoustics class (54 students) was engaged to vocalize repeated "yea" and "nay" responses with different group sizes and different (but controlled) loudnesses. There was also a systematic variation of the words used: yes, no, yea, nay, aye.
The distress associated with tinnitus shows closer relation with factors related to emotional health as depression, anxiety, and somatic symptom severity than with the loudness of the tinnitus [2].
Reminding us of the direct criticisms that President Ivanov sent to the EU, Erol Rizaov adds in Utrinski vesnik that if he wanted to achieve greater loudness in Europe, the president should have spoken publically about his own credibility.
In the US, this is known as the CALM Act (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation).