Lough Neagh

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Neagh, Lough

(lŏkh nā), lake, 153 sq mi (396 sq km), 18 mi (29 km) long and 11 mi (18 km) wide, central Northern Ireland. This shallow lake is the largest freshwater body in the British Isles. Fed by the Upper Bann, Blackwater, and other streams and drained to the north by the Lower Bann, it has pollan, trout, and eel fisheries. Mesolithic humans are believed to have first appeared in Ireland (c.6000 B.C.) near the lake. According to a legend, quoted by Giraldus Cambrensis, the Norman-Welsh historian, and cited in Thomas Moore's "Let Erin Remember" (Irish Melodies), the lake occupies the site of a flooded town; buildings may sometimes be seen through the water.

Lough Neagh


a lake in Northern Ireland; the largest lake in the British Isles. Area, 396 sq km; maximum depth, 31 m. It lies 16 m above sea level, on the Antrim plateau. The banks are low and marshy in places and high in the north. The Bann River is the lake’s outlet to the Atlantic Ocean. There is fishing (trout, eel) on Lough Neagh, and the lake is navigable.

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POLICE are investigating alleged assaults on three men as they recovered a burned-out Lough Neagh patrol boat.
The charities will use the funding to purchase five new lifeboats and maritime equipment including lifejackets, helmets, boots, ropes, knives and torches for use in Lough Neagh, Foyle, Lagan and the Bann, as well as some waterways in and around Strabane.
Located in one of Northern Ireland's prime conservation areas, the reserve is on a peninsula jutting into Lough Neagh - the largest lake in Britain and Ireland and is filled with wildlife.
Lough Neagh is the largest lake by surface area in the British-Irish Isles and is a de facto inland sea.
A Lough Neagh B Loch Ness C Lake Windermere D Loch Lomond QUESTION 14 - for 14 points: In Greek mythology which goddess was carried off by Hades and made queen of the underworld?
Historical records from Lough Neagh were extracted and digitized from Wood and Smith (1993) using Grapher 9 software (RockWare[R]).
30 Thurles Lurgan is a town in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, near the southern shore of Lough Neagh.
It is, for example, fascinating to learn that the annual hatch of Lough Neagh fly larvae is so numerous that there may be "around 300 for every person living on the planet, or well over one million million" (p.
White spots, like the area over Lough Neagh in Ulster, or Lough Corrib in Connacht, occur over cities, lakes and rivers, or mountains, all areas with little or no vegetative cover.
of white in the north is Lough Neagh, and while I kiss
The other upset victory was scored by Lough Neagh, owned by Britta Tappendorf, trained by Ali Jun and ridden by Gary Hind, when it beat Aathaar by five lengths.