Louis Blériot

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Louis Blériot
Louis Charles Joseph Blériot
BirthplaceCambrai, France
Inventor and engineer
Known for First heavier-than-air flight across the English Channel, first working monoplane

Blériot, Louis


Born July 1, 1872, in Cambrai; died Aug. 1, 1936, in Paris. French engineer, airplane designer, and pilot; a pioneer in aviation.

In 1900, Blériot began to build gliders and ornithopters, and in 1906, airplanes. In 1908 he completed an airplane flight over a course of 14 km, and in 1909 he made the first flight across the English Channel. Airplanes using Blériot’s system were subsequently in wide use in French aviation.


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Speaking of Boeing, the aerospace manufacturer is enjoying the wild, blue yonder in a way that Louis Bleriot could never have imagined back in his day.
Orville and Wilbur Wright, Louis Bleriot, Charles Lindbergh, Dick and Burt Rutan, and Jeana Yeager: These are just a few stellar examples of the many individuals who, through hard work, innate genius and private enterprise ushered in and immeasurably advanced the technology of powered flight.
Louis Bleriot junior yesterday staged a rerun of the flight that will have the old daredevil spinning like a propeller in his grave.
Louis Bleriot being greeted by his wife, Alice <B Vedere, after his historic flight across the English channel in 1909
He had been taught to fly in France by Louis Bleriot, the first man to fly the English Channel in 1909.
He felt the stunt would be a fitting 100year anniversary tribute to Louis Bleriot, who took 37 minutes in becoming the first aviator to fly the Channel on July 25, 1909.
WHEN did Louis Bleriot first fly the English Channel?
1909: French aviator, Louis Bleriot, made his first Channel crossing in an aeroplane he designed himself.
1909: Louis Bleriot, pictured, became the first man to fly across the Channel.
1909: Louis Bleriot (pictured) became the first man to fly across the Channel, flying his three-cylinder monoplane from near Calais to Northfall Meadow near Dover Castle.
The 89-year-old from Shirley spent nearly an hour in blustering winds crossing from Calais to Dover as part of the centenary celebrations of the first cross-Channel flight by Louis Bleriot in July.
In 1909, during the eight-day event there were shockwaves when American Glenn Curtiss clinched the Gordon Bennett trophy for the fastest aeroplane ahead of crowd favourite, the flamboyant Frenchman Louis Bleriot.