Louis Dollo

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Dollo, Louis


Born Dec. 7, 1857, in Lille; died Apr. 19, 1931, in Brussels. Belgian paleontologist.

Dollo was a professor at the University of Brussels and curator of the Museum of Natural History. In his research, which was mainly on fossil vertebrates, Dollo analyzed the adaptation of animals to the established living conditions, thereby laying the foundation for the ethological study of paleontological objects. Dollo described his method in the monograph Ethological Paleontology (1909), which he dedicated to V. O. Kovalevskii, whom he regarded as his teacher. In 1893 he formulated the law of irreversibility of evolution.


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org/wiki/Dollo's_law_of_irreversibility) Dollo's law, after Belgian paleontologist Louis Dollo.
The law, which was put forward by 19th century Belgian paleontologist Louis Dollo, argued that once natural selection for a complex functional trait is relaxed, mutations that degrade the genes needed for the trait accumulate, and the sequence of mutations is unlikely to be exactly reversed.