Louis Hjelmslev

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Hjelmslev, Louis


Born Oct. 3, 1899, in Copenhagen; died there May 30, 1965. Danish linguist.

Hjelmslev, a graduate from the University of Copenhagen in 1923, taught there after 1937, heading the department of comparative linguistics. He was the founder and leader of a Copenhagen linguistic circle (1931) and the Copenhagen (Danish) school of structuralism, glossematics. His work Principles of General Grammar (1928) describes language categories on the basis of the logic of language as a semeiological system. In The Category of Cases (1935–37), Hjelmslev explains the theoretical basis for a general description of case systems. His Toward a Theory of Language (1943) is an ex-position of the principles of glossematics.


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Louis Hjelmslev conceived of the categories of form and substance of expression.
If in language theory the notion of "norm" is now operational in particular due to Eugen Coserius 1952 Sistema, norma y habla, which defines, in the spirit of Louis Hjelmslev's conception, what is stable in speech by following previous models (Coseriu 1952), in connection with speech this notion is not yet visible and clear, although it goes without saying that this too is done in view of rules and the discursive diversification that occurs by updating differentiated norms.
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La notion d'usage est ici comprise dans le sens qui lui a ete attribue par Louis Hjelmslev, linguiste danois de la premiere moitie du XXeme siecle.
Auch so mancher Name von Koryphaen der Sprachwissenschaft haben seinen Lebensweg gekreuzt: Ferdinand de Saussure, Otto Jespersen, Louis Hjelmslev, Einar Haugen.
The author is also very keen to promote his own aesthetic theory, mostly derived from Louis Hjelmslev and Jan Mukarovsky, and it weighs heavily on the analysis of Kitavan aesthetics.