Louis Massignon

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Massignon, Louis


Born July 25, 1883, in Nogent; died Nov. 4, 1962, in Paris. French Orientalist and Islamist. Professor at the Sorbonne (1919); president of the Institute of Iranistics (the Sorbonne); member of many academies and scholarly societies; foreign member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1924). Editor of the journals Revue du monde musulman (which became Revue des études islamiques in 1918) and Annuaire du monde musulman.

Massignon’s works deal with the religion, philosophy, and political and cultural history of the Muslim world and its interrelationships with other civilizations. Massignon made a significant contribution to the study of Sufism.


Opera minora, vols. 1-3. Paris, 1969.


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9) Carta a Louis Massignon, 19 de septiembre de 1911.
Louis Massignon was a great, deeply introspective, and profoundly troubled French Catholic scholar of Islam.
Cette cabale, associee au courroux de l'orientaliste Louis Massignon, finirent par l'empecher de soutenir sa these.
Il revient aussi sur les grands moments de rencontre et d'echange entre penseurs du christianisme et de l'Islam, notamment les contributions d'Averroes, de Nicolas de Cuse et pour l'epoque contemporaine, celles de Charles de Foucauld, de Louis Massignon et de Christian de Cherge.
La idea que subyace en este articulo es el fruto de la comprobacion de que los tres islamologos y orientalistas estudiados (Miguel Asin Palacios, Louis Massignon y especialmente Henry Corbin) no se limitan a una obra puramente erudita o de especializacion academica.
Cet accord consiste a mettre a la disposition de l'OSUI, un terrain d'une superficie de 6 hectares situe a Nouaceur, dans la ville verte de Bouskoura, afin de proceder a l'extension du groupe scolaire Louis Massignon.
Louis Massignon (1883-1962) has been called "the single most influential figure [in the twentieth century] in regard to the church's relationship with Islam.
Summary: ABU DHABI - The new three-storey building of French school Lycee Louis Massignon here was inaugurated on Monday night.
To the orientalist Louis Massignon (1883-1963), Alawism is a form of Islam that is deeply influenced by Christianity, Gnosticism, old Persian religions and Sufism, the newspaper said.
One ran from the seminal and revolutionary work of Louis Massignon (1883-1962) to Islamic Studies, and was continued by his student Henry Corbin (1903-78) in a more gnostic than mystical vein and centering more on Shi'ism than Sunni Islam.
As we have seen, Merton came into what we might call his "Islamic consciousness" through his correspondence with Louis Massignon, which led him very soon into his correspondence with Abdul Aziz, which in turn prepared the ground for his personal meeting with Sidi Abdelslam.
From 1925 to 1932, Jacques Maritain and his collaborators published novels, stories, poems, essays, criticism, and plays in the Roseau D'Or, a series of volumes featuring Cocteau and his fellow travelers, along with the Russian Orthodox theologian Nicolas Berdiaeff, the great Islamic scholar Louis Massignon, and the Catholic poet and playwright Paul Claudel.