Louis de Geer

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Geer, Louis de


Born July 18, 1818, in Finspang; died Sept. 24, 1896, in Truesdorp. Swedish statesman; a baron.

Geer was educated as a lawyer. From 1858 to 1870 he was minister of justice. He was Sweden’s first prime minister (1876-80) and simultaneously served as minister of justice (1876-79). He developed and in 1863 introduced in the Riksdag a moderately liberal project for the creation of a bicameral parliament to take the place of the existing Riksdag of the four estates. His plan provided for electoral property qualifications, which were not based on class. Geer’s project was accepted by the four estates’ Riksdag in 1866.

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Norrkoping was made by the Thirty Years War, when Gustavus Adolphus encouraged the Walloon industrialist Louis de Geer to set up mills to provide the Swedish armies with small arms and uniforms.
One of the most important and striking changes is to the old paper mill, which Lund & Valentin have changed into the Louis de Geer Kultur och Kongress Centrum.