Louis Jean Marie Daubenton

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Daubenton, Louis Jean Marie


Born May 29, 1716, at Montbard, Cote d’Or; died Jan. 1, 1800, in Paris. French naturalist and member of the French and St. Petersburg academies.

From 1749 to 1767, Daubenton collaborated with G. Buffon on the multivolume Natural History. The first 15 volumes of this work contain his comparative-anatomical descriptions of 182 species of mammals, of which more than 50 were studied for the first time; seven of the bat species described had been unknown up to that time. Daubenton’s method was to compare the same organs in different animals, as well as their skeletons. He also studied the acclimatization of domestic animals and developed a new breed of merino sheep. He was the author of a guide to sheep raising (1782). After Buffon’s death (1788) he was the director of the Botanical Garden of Paris.