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Belgium: LouvainLouvain
, Du. Leuven, city (1991 pop. 85,018), Flemish Brabant prov., central Belgium, on the Dijle River. It is a commercial, industrial, and cultural center, as well as a rail junction. Mentioned in the 9th cent.
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Kinshasa: Universite Lovanium. (Editions Universitaires du Congo).
Several years after the events, The New York Times provided an intriguing description of the Lovanium conference and its aftermath:
A more recent account by Richard Mahoney generally corroborates the above and provides additional details about the CIA role at Lovanium, including Agency collaboration with UN personnel: CIA officers had `located an underground sewage tunnel leading into the sequestered conclave [at Lovanium] and began passing money destined for key legislators.
The Foreign Relations history does provide extended documentation on the Lovanium conference and the selection of Adoula, but it makes no mention at all of the CIA role.
The figure of the student did not initially connote leftist nationalism in the Belgian Congo Having notoriously resisted the institution of higher education for the Congolese or many years, m 1955 the colonizer finally authorized the opening of Lovanium the first university in the Belgian Congo, with the expectation that university students could serve as Belgium's allies against the unreasonable demands of political agitators .
(13) While Kandolo and other young teenagers questioned the discrepancies between the world views promoted by their colonial educators and the reality of the world they experienced outside the classroom, students at Lovanium organized their first significant protest.
The gravity of the crisis of decolonization only reinforced the symbolic capital of education and encouraged students to embrace the conservative dispositions imagined by Lovanium's creators.
Remembering how his peers at Lovanium before independence expressed contempt for the 'parvenu and barely literate Lumumba, Nestor Mpeye's interview took on a confessional tone:
Hammarskjold refused to give in to American pressure, although Western powers were still able to work in tandem with a number of ONUC senior officials in ensuring that the 'moderate' Cyrille Adoula became Congo's new Prime Minister in August 1961, following the political and reconciliation talks held at Lovanium University in Kinshasa.
He was later denied entry into Lovanium University in Leopoldville, because only single students were admitted, and he was married.
On the BDK website, it says that the founder of the movement was visited by the Spirit of God in 1969, while he was a chemistry student at the University of Lovanium (Kinshasa); the Spirit revealed to him that Simon Kimbangu was unable to complete his mission and his work had been deflected from its path: 'Lead my people to the "Kongo Nzila" because the Kongo tradition is the main axis of the universal religion adapted to the mentality of the African Negro peoples.
The Centre for Nuclear Research (or the Centre de Recherches Nucleaires de Kinshasa) was established by the Americans at the University of Lovanium (now University of Kinshasa) and entrusted to Luc Gillon, a Belgian Scheut missionary, as a thank-you to Belgium for having supplied the Hiroshima uranium to the Americans.