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a river in Pskov and Novgorod oblasts, RSFSR. Length, 530 km; basin area, 21,900 sq km. Originates in Lake Lovatets in the northeastern Byelorussian SSR and empties into Lake Il’men’, forming a vast delta, with the Pola River.

The Lovat’ is a winding river. It is fed by mixed sources, predominantly snow. Average discharge 193 km from its mouth is 105 cu m per sec. It freezes between late November and early January, and the ice breaks up in March or April. Its main tributaries are the Loknia, Red’ia, and Polist’ on the left and the Kun’ia on the right. Logs can be floated for a distance of 490 km; the Lovat’s is navigable in its lower reaches (70 km). The cities of Velikie Luki and Kholm are situated on its banks. The Old Russian trade route from the Baltic Sea to the Dnieper and Black Sea (“from the Varangians to the Greeks”) incorporated the Lovat’.

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Though the Lovat is promoted by the international Best Western chain, it's owned by managing director Stuart Shearer, who is originally from Galashiels.
Strikes from Neil Stewart and Jamie Robinson had More in control before a storming Lovat fightback.
Although bagpipes were banned in combat, Lord Lovat told Piper Millin (the only Commando wearing a kilt) that the rules didn't apply to the Scots and to play on to boost morale.
Lovat managed to ex-filtrate his force, including all the wounded.
Johnson says that Waugh envied Lovat his height, his looks, his title, his castle, and his glamour, but this conversation would have pleased him: "it revealed [Lovat's] fury and showed the blow had hit home.
On D-Day he was a member of the 1st Commando Brigade under Lord Lovat, who ignored orders that no pipes should be played, because of worries about a high death toll.
Scientists specializing in electromagnetism Celozzi, Rudolfo Araneo, and Gimpiero Lovat (all: U.
Firstly, the author states, "British commandos under Lord Lovat would attack the coastal batteries at Berneval and Vasterival.
Cheers The new licensees of the Jacob's Well pub at Honley are (above, from left) Stephen Green, Frances Lovat (cook) and John Belcher.
A LOVAT TBM (tunnel boring machine) has once again broken through in Venezuela.
Lord Lovat, who led them ashore on D-Day, set up the commando base in 1942 at Achnacarry Castle in the Scottish Highlands.