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a district in Bulgaria within the Danubian Plain and, partially, in the Stara Planina. Area, 4,100 sq km. Population, 223,000 (1970). Administrative center, Lovech.

Lovech District is an industrial and agrarian region with developed machine building—electric motors, lathes, woodworking and lumbering equipment, automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles. The woodworking, timber, pharmaceutical, and cement industries are also important. Lovech and Troian are the district’s main industrial centers. It is known for commercial fruit growing; other important crops are potatoes, grains, and grapes. Cattle are raised. Lovech District is a tourist region.



a city in northern Bulgaria on the Osum River, a tributary of the Danube. Located 35 km southeast of Pleven in a forest area at the foot of the Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains). The administrative center of Lovech District. Population, 45,000 (1971).

Lovech is the commercial center of an agricultural region. Industries include motor vehicles, electrical engineering, leather and fur, and food (flour and other products).

During the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–78 a Russian cossack detachment seized Lovech with a surprise attack on July 5 (17), 1877; on July 14 (26) pressure from superior enemy forces forced them to abandon it. In occupying Lovech, the Turks positioned 8,000 men under General Rifat Pasha throughout the city and on its approaches. The Russian high command decided to retake Lovech in order to secure the flanks of the Russian forces outside of Pleven and in Shipka. General Prince A. K. Imeretinskii’s force (27,000 men, 98 field guns) was assigned to take the city. On Aug. 22 (Sept. 3), 1877, columns led by General M. D. Skobelev and General V. M. Dobrovol’skii, after a stubborn battle, captured Lovech, thereby cutting off enemy paths of retreat south of Pleven.

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Contract award notice: Supply of medium and low voltage electric power and selection of balancing group coordinator for objects of v & K ad, Lovech.
The public procurement contract for the selection of the Hemus motorway contractor to the Pleven / Lovech branch will be announced in the second half of 2018.
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Today you should raise your scarves to the 100-plus intrepid band of Litex Lovech fans - including the town's mayor - who spent more than three days travelling almost 2,000 miles taking in ten countries - then turned round immediately after the game for the return coach trip to Bulgaria.
selection of a consultant for carrying out construction supervision (according to article 166, paragraph 1, point 1 of the tda), preparation of technical passports and exercising investor control over the overhaul of streets in the district of goznitsa, lovech ".
Litex Motors, the Bulgarian company assembling the Great Wall automobiles in its factory near Lovech, will launch exports to Romania.
Levski Sofia football club head coach Georgi Ivanov's resignation in the wake of the 3-0 league defeat from Litex Lovech was rejected by club owner Todor Batkov.
The town of Lovech declared Thursday a state of emergency due to the hail that inundated its lower parts, with water level reaching 1.