Low Church

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Low Church:

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the established church of England and the mother church of the Anglican Communion. Organization and Doctrine

The clergy of the church are of three ancient orders: deacons, priests, and bishops.
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Low Church

the school of thought in the Church of England stressing evangelical beliefs and practices
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One such instance is his appreciation of how a predominantly evangelical faith enhances the bucolic setting of suburban Cheltenham, where "the single bell of a Low Church reminds us that there is a weekday evening prayer meeting somewhere" (First and Last Loves 15).
Whilst All Saints maintained its high church tradition and wealthier congregation, St Lawrence swung towards low church rituals, reflecting the poorer community who still worshipped there.
Fourth, while it appears that our Reformed theology does put us on a middle road between, say, the high church road of the Roman Catholics and the low church road of the Anabaptists, it's strange that both of those other groups have found ways of allowing others to serve the Lord's Supper.
Even my partner, who was raised in a low church, evangelical community, has been intrigued with the rosary since she first saw it used at my grandmother's wake.
High church conservatism may seem odd to Americans accustomed to the culturally Protestant and politically populist low church variety.
Surprisingly, one might conclude from the data Melnyk presents that life in church and chapel was far more vigorous at the century's end than at its start, largely due to the passionate engagement of Christians at opposite ends of the Anglican continuum: low church Evangelicals and high church Anglo-Catholics (Melnyk distinguishes between evangelical dissenters and Anglican Evangelicals with the capital "E").
Francois characterizes Archbishop Venables' action as "a provocation," and said it reflects a society "that is very polarized--rich and poor, high church and low church, white and black, nothing in between.
From the Ancient Britons who lugged boulders to make their barrows and burial mounds to the Victorians who saw tombstones as a statement of architectural theology neo-Gothic for High Anglicans, neo-classical for Low Church weve always been interested in leaving our stamp on the landscape long after weve departed.
He arrived in a "profoundly Low Church province" (26) where people (in Medley's words) "make their religion as they make their farm, .
That "most important political thinkers, especially in their impact on later thinkers, were religious radicals" is a considerable overgeneralization, unless one includes all low church adherents, deists, and dissenting sects in this category (86).
The work in Europe, which starred as a small Bible study group in 1983 in London, has been growing by leaps and bounds, contrary to the modern trend of low church attendances in Europe, where even established churches, like the Church of England, have had to sell many of their church buildings for lack of members.
Lowry and company, with their embrace of Low Church conservatism and the modern-day GOP, have encouraged the ideological slide.