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Low Church:

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the established church of England and the mother church of the Anglican Communion. Organization and Doctrine

The clergy of the church are of three ancient orders: deacons, priests, and bishops.
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Low Church

the school of thought in the Church of England stressing evangelical beliefs and practices
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Mead is right: to ban the practice of circumcision is in fact to ban the existence of Jewish boys, or at best to redefine Judaism along low-church Protestant lines.
Medley's theology appears here merely as some thoughtful current ideas that exceeded the comprehension of the Low-Church reactionaries.
Though a life-long Roman Catholic and an ardent feminist, in the mid-1980s I began theological studies at a low-church Protestant seminary in midtown Manhattan.
Most novel, to me at least, are the aggressively low-church sermons from the 1820s and, a full half-century later, the theological sketches Newman made when the success of his Apologia and Grammar of Assent had restored his position and his confidence.
The Amish interpret communion in the low-church Protestant, symbolic manner.
A devout monarchist and Low-Church Anglican (to the end of her days, she considered any.
As an Ulster low-church Protestant Lewis remained unable, for all his wide reading and rational brilliance, to enter sympathetically into the Catholic mind of medieval Christendom.
One gets the sad suspicion that Wilfred Sheed, scion of Frank and Maisie, has let a low-church Methodist tell him how to appreciate a Roman Catholic Solemn High Mass.
Rodriguez: We're talking about a low-church Protestantism.
In his fight for the democratic ideal, Franklin was straightforward, and in this connection the low-church Littell, the ordained Methodist minister, did not fail to criticize churches if they appeared to him to be too hierarchical.
The study found that the religious groups ranked highest in terms of education, income and occupational prestige tended to be the more theologically liberal and hierarchical denominations while the lower-ranked groups tended to be more conservative and represented low-church or congregational traditions.
In doing so, however, the neo-evangelicals constructed a new paradigm that presented low-church, pietistic revivalism as the bearer of conservative Protestant orthodoxy.