Low-Tensile Textured Yarns

Low-Tensile Textured Yarns


textured yarns manufactured from synthetic thermoplastic fibers. Yarns produced from polyamide (capron) fibers are called meron, and those made from polyester (lavsan) fibers are called melan.

Low-tensile textured yarns have a great deal of body, fluffiness, and softness and, in comparison with highly elastic yarns, low stretchability. Such yarns are produced by treating the corresponding high-tensile textured yarns in autoclaves at 115°C for 30 min. The thread is wound loosely onto perforated balers. The use of machines equipped with a second heating chamber for additional heat treatment is also efficient.

Low-tensile textured yarns are widely used for manufacturing knit outerwear and fabrics for dresses, suits, and curtains.


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