low earth orbit

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low Earth orbit

(LEO) An orbit around the Earth of a satellite, etc., at an altitude of less than 5500 km.

low earth orbit

(LEO) The kind of orbit used by communications satellites that will offer high bandwidth for video on demand, television, and Internet communications. A satellite in LEO, in contrast to one in a geostationary orbit, is not in a fixed position relative to the Earth's surface so several satellites are required to provide continuous service.

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com/42198/how-many-satellites-in-space/) Universe Today , there are just more than 1,000 operational satellites in orbit around Earth - half of them in low-Earth orbit, where the SpaceX internet fleet will cruise.
Through a Request for Information (RFI), NASA is soliciting ideas from companies interested in using the space station and the low-Earth orbit environment in innovative ways that will develop a strong commercial market and assist the agency in achieving its exploration goals.
The company's primary products are satellites and launch vehicles, including low-Earth orbit, geosynchronous-Earth orbit and planetary exploration spacecraft for communications, remote sensing, scientific and defense missions; human-rated space systems for Earth-orbit, lunar and other missions; ground- and air-launched rockets that deliver satellites into orbit; and missile defense systems that are used as interceptor and target vehicles.
Aerospace company Boeing plan to offer passengers the chance to fly into space on a craft it is developing for travel in low-Earth orbit.
This capability can be used by other Services, especially the Army, to put tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance satellites into low-Earth orbit.
One breakthrough would be a dramatic reduction in the cost of putting pounds into low-Earth orbit, where a Mars-bound craft would be assembled.
Furthermore it can take off and land similar to normal aircraft, besides carrying a 15t of cargo into low-Earth orbit.