low-mass X-ray binary

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low-mass X-ray binary

(LMXB) See X-ray binary.

low-mass x-ray binary

[¦lō ¦mas ¦eks‚rā ′bī‚ner·ē]
A binary system consisting of a low-mass (typically less than 1 solar mass), late-type star and a neutron star or black hole that accretes material through Roche-lobe overflow, resulting in the emission of relatively soft x-rays. Abbreviated LMXRB.
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An earlier study of another system with the GBT detected the first evidence of an accretion disk around a neutron star, which helped establish the link between low-mass X-ray binaries and pulsars.
The real surprise is that 47 Tuc seems to contain only two or three quiescent low-mass X-ray binaries, the presumed progenitors of millisecond pulsars.
Nova Persei 1992 appears to belong to a subtype of a general class of X-ray-emitting stars called low-mass X-ray binaries.

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