low-pressure sodium lamp

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sodium-vapor lamp

An electric-discharge lamp in which light is produced by electric current flowing between electrodes in an envelope containing sodium vapor.
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"Astronomers would like [ecologists] to conclude that sodium lights are the most ecologically sound light sources," says Frank, whose work suggests that low-pressure sodium lamps are less harmful to moths than traditional streetlights are.
Fluorescent, mercury vapor, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and low-pressure sodium lamps all work basically this way but for differences in the way they are designed and the types of gasses used.
For instance, low-pressure sodium lamps can last up to 18,000 hours with virtually no light depreciation, but their light turns everything gray.
The school's administration decided to install a new system that used low-pressure sodium lamps. The new system cost $1,725 to install, but it paid for itself in just over a year, thanks to annual cost savings of almost $1,400.
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