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I see my political future with the CDU," she said, standing next to a conservative leader in Lower Saxony.
The Lower Saxony police will scale back their efforts in pursuit of minor offenses.
Lower Saxony is a German state situated in northwestern Germany and is second in area, with 47,624 square kilometers, and fourth in population (8 million) among the sixteen states of the country.
NordLB, a German subsidiary of Unicredit, received a guarantee during the crisis on shares held by Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.
Following the measures the ownership structure has changed, Lower Saxony holds around 56 percent in NordLB, up from 42 percent.
The Lower Saxony agriculture ministry yesterday warned people to stop eating beanprouts.
Following the meeting, Caglayan attended the award ceremony of the 8th Lower Saxony Foreign Trade Congress, and then visited a school which was founded by Turkish businessmen in Germany and giving education both to Turkish and German students.
German Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen recently ordered the resumption of work at Gorleben in Lower Saxony after a 10-year moratorium.
The project is part of a new contract between EWE TEL and the State of Lower Saxony to modernise the telecommunications infrastructure in the region by providing local government employees with access to VoIP technology.
Qatar will get one seat at the regular supervisory meeting in spring 2010 but in the medium term it could get a second one", the source close to the government of the German state of Lower Saxony said.
That would make it a major shareholder alongside the Porsche families and VW's home state of Lower Saxony in the integrated automotive group to be spawned by the deal.
However, the State of Lower Saxony with its participation of just over 20 percent of the voting rights in VW refused its approval.