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Contract notice: realization of the environmental assessment of the development plan and water management of the lower triassic sandstone (gti wise) and drafting of the environmental report for the cd 88
The Gjokasen Deep well encountered moderate to good quality reservoir in the Snadd Formation, poor to moderate quality reservoir in the Middle to Lower Triassic Kobbe Formation and poor quality reservoir in the Lower Triassic upper Havert and Klappmyss Formations.
Cao et al., "Selective dissolution of alkali feldspars and its effect on Lower Triassic sandy conglomerate reservoirs in the Junggar Basin, northwestern China," Geological Journal, vol.
The Ammonite fauna from the Lower Triassic Mianwali Formation shows at least two episodes of radiation-extinction in the time interval from the Griesbachian to the early Spathian: within just three-to-four million years' time span.
The vertebrae of Corosaurus alcovensis Case 1936, from the Lower Triassic of Wyoming (USA), and of the genus Cymatosaurus Fritsch 1894, from the Lower-Middle Triassic of Germany, do not present the same morphology that those from Fuencaliente de Medi naceli.
The Lower Triassic Formations of the Salt Range and Trans-Indus ranges, West Pakistan.
API with very low sulphur content was found in the US company's Block 404 in Lower Triassic sandstones at depths of 3,238-3,272 metres (see Vol.
A series of 3-way low side fault traps have been identified, which are juxtaposed against the shale prone Lower Triassic Mt Goodwin section.
Red clastic sediments at the base of the lower Triassic indicated that an erosion period started after sedimentation in the mid-Permian and has been dominant on land in the region.
A first deep exploration well, Shaikan-7 will target the middle to lower Triassic and Permian horizons and its drilling began in April 2013.
The Phoenix South prospect will target gas in lower Triassic reservoirs and will be drilled to a minimum depth of 4,500 metres.