Luchina, Ianka

Luchina, Ianka


(pseudonym of Ivan Liutsianovich Neslukhovskii). Born July 6 (18), 1851, in Minsk; died there July 16 (28), 1897. Byelorussian poet. Son of a lawyer.

Luchina graduated from the St. Petersburg Technological Institute in 1877. He worked as head of the main railroad shops in the Caucasus, where he became acquainted with M. Gorky. He began writing for the press in the 1880’s in Byelorussian, Russian, and Polish. His Byelorussian works on themes from peasant life are represented by the collection of lyrical poems The Bundle (1891; published, 1903), which protests against social and national oppression and expresses warm sympathy for the people. His verses in Polish were published in the collection Poems (1898). Luchina’s works in Russian include several poems and the novella Verochka (published 1900).


Vybranyia tvory. Compiled by S. Maikhrovich. Minsk, 1953.


Maikhrovich, S. lanha Luchyna: Zhytstsio i tvorchasts’ Minsk, 1952.
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