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in the Bible, eponym of an Asian people, probably the Lydians. There is probably textual confusion at some points with the LubimLubim
, in the Bible, the Libyans. For other possible occurrences, see Chub; Lehabim; Lud.
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(Local Usage Details) A record of phone calls to and from a phone number.
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Guttmacher's findings concerning lUDs and injectables are in line with anecdotal evidence reported in the media that some plans were requiring patient cost-sharing for certain methods or taking other steps that appear contrary to a simple reading of the federal mandate to cover "the full range" of methods.
Further, the Ninth Circuit held the scope of considered alternatives too narrow because the EIS considered only alternatives (other than the no harvest alternative) that allocated between 2.4 million and 6.2 million acres of roadless area to LUDs. In other words, no alternative considered LUDs comprising less than 50% roadless area.
lUDs had not traditionally been recommended for adolescents because they had been perceived to be at an elevated risk of infection.
Noting that implants and lUDs arc in the top tier of effectiveness, she said that these methods should be recommended as primary birth control for women of childbearing age who are taking isotretinoin.
Tongass, for example, nineteen land use designations (LUDs) were
Aside from leaving most of my writing be, toward the end of my journalistic career, the best compliment Tita Letty gave me happened years earlier at her birthday party at Tita Luds and Uncle Gene's home.
And removing these barriers can have a real impact: A recent study found that when a California health insurer eliminated cost-sharing for lUDs, implants and injectables, enrollees' use of these highly effective methods increased substantially, and their risk of contraceptive failure decreased as a result.
But some years back, when her sister Lulut (Ate Luds or Inday Badiday to the rest of the country) was still alive, Lulut complained about Carlitos' monitoring of her diet, something he didn't do with Letty.
Needless to say, certain contraceptive methods, such as lUDs, will always require the intervention of a medical provider.
I met Ms Letty Magsanoc through her sister Ate Luds. Social meeting years ago.