Ludwig Binder

Binder, Ludwig


Born May 26, 1881, in Ingolstadt; died Sept. 12, 1958, in Dresden. A German electrical engineer. Member of the Saxony Academy of Sciences (1948); member of the German Academy of Sciences (Berlin, 1949).

From 1919, Binder was a professor at the Darmstadt Technological University and at the Dresden Technological University; at the same time he directed the Institute of Heavy Currents and High Voltage Currents at Dresden. He became a member of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany in 1946. Binder’s major efforts were devoted to heat transfer in electrical machines, the transformation of electrical current, surge voltage protection, and the dielectric strength of insulating materials. He received the National Prize of the German Democratic Republic (1951).


Über Wärmeübergang aufruhige oder bewegte Luft. Halle, 1911.
Die Wanderwellenvorgänge auf experimenteller Grundlage. Berlin, 1928.
In Russian translation:
Bluzhdaiushchie volny ν elektricheskikh setiakh. Moscow-Leningrad, 1935.