Ludwig Gattermann

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Gattermann, Ludwig


Born Apr. 20, 1860, in Goslar; died June 20, 1920, in Freiburg. German organic chemist. Professor at the University of Freiburg (1900).

Gattermann obtained pure nutric chloride in 1888. He demonstrated in 1890 that the p-azoxyanisole and the p-azoxyphenetole, which he had produced, had the properties of liquid crystals. He proposed a method for synthesizing aromatic aldehydes (the Gattermann-Koch reaction). His handbook on organic chemistry, first issued in 1894, is widely known.


In Russian translation:
Prakticheskie raboty po organicheskoi khimii, 5th ed. Moscow-Leningrad, 1948. (With H. Wieland.)


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There is salvation through laughter as evident in the passages from Rabelais, Belli, Scholem Aleichem; there is also salvation through knowledge as in the excerpts from Lucretius, Arthur Clarke, Ludwig Gattermann. But salvation through knowledge does not incorporate only scientific discussion of such fields as physics (Bragg), astronomy (Thome), chemistry (Gattermann).