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Pastor, Ludwig


Born Jan. 31, 1854, in Aachen; died Sept. 30, 1928, in Innsbruck. German-born Austrian historian.

In 1901, Pastor became director of the Austrian Historical Institute in Rome. From 1920 to 1928 he was Austria’s envoy at the Vatican. Pastor’s fame rests on his multivolume history of the papacy based on archival materials, especially on the Vatican archives.


Geschichte der Päpste seit dem Ausgang des Mittelalters (Í477–1799), vols. 1–16. Freiburg-Rome, 1955–61.
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Ultimately, Tetzel's "powers have been overrated by friend and foe alike," in the view of Ludwig von Pastor, author of The History of the Popes.
Unlike Ignatius Loyola, Theatines did not shy away from the episcopacy; Ludwig von Pastor called the order a "seminary" for bishops.
Thus, Ludwig von Pastor stated that the Sack "marked, in fact, the end of the Renaissance, the end of the Rome of Julius II and Leo X." If recent research on the later Cinquecento (e.