a river in Donetsk and Voroshilovgrad oblasts, Ukrainian SSR; a right tributary of the Severskii Donets (Don basin). Length, 198 km; basin area, 3,740 sq km. It rises northeast of the city of Gorlovka and flows through the Donets Ridge. It is fed primarily by snow. In the upper course (130 km from the mouth), the average discharge is 14 cu m per sec, with a maximum of 121 cu m per sec; in the summer the river here dries up for as long as two months. The Lugan’ is icebound for varying periods of time, usually from December through March. The cities of Pervomaisk, Kirovsk, Zimogor’e, Aleksandrovsk, and Voroshilovgrad are on the river.

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The victim, a grade three pupil at the Lugan Elementary School here, was discovered dead and naked, while her genitals were found to have been stabbed several times.
Aviareps Philippines director Jean Lugan said the hotel is an ideal place to stay for Filipinos because of its location.
Meinrad Lugan, member of the board for the Hospital Care Division at B.
L'historien francais Bernard Lugan, dans son ouvrage [beaucoup moins que]Hassan II, le Roi Batisseur[beaucoup plus grand que], ecrit que depuis le debut de son regne, fidele a ses traditions et ouvert a la modernite, le Maroc connait une enorme mutation economique et sociale[beaucoup plus grand que], l'exemple de cette reussite etant unique en Afrique.
In Division Three, Union Lusa beat Moira Albion 4-1, Mowhan beat Donalconey 3-1, Armagh Blues beat Lugan United and Castlecaulfield went down 3-2 at Goodyear.
Antonio Lugan habita en ese barrio madrileno "de putas y de poetas" (221) dedicado a su labor, que compagina con el ejercicio de creacion de iluminaciones liricas, textos privados sin resonancia alguna.
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