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(also Ganda), the language of the Baganda; belongs to the Bantu language family. Spoken in Uganda by about 2.5 million people (1970).

The phonetic structure of Luganda is characterized by the presence of two distinctive musical tones, high and low. The grammatical structure is distinguished by a system of concord classes marked by disyllabic prefixes. Locative classes are absent in the modern language. Locative meanings are rendered by a nonconcordant form with the prefix e-. In the sentence, the normal word order is subject-predicate-object. Luganda only recently became a written language.


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(1) All quoted speech in this article is based on recorded interviews transcribed and translated from Luganda by George Mpanga.
But an interfaith coffee cooperative called Mirembe Kawomera, which translates as "Delicious Peace" in the local language of Luganda, is aiming to combat the threat of religious violence and poverty at the same time.
His Ekitabo Kye Mpisa za Baganda [The Customs of the Baganda] was published in the Luganda language in 1918 and expands upon the earlier ethnography published in 1911 by John Roscoe of the Church Missionary Society.
The EGRA has been adapted to various countries and languages, including Mali (French, Bamanankan, Bomu, Fufulde and Songhoy), Senegal (French, Wolof and Pulaar), Kenya (English, Kikuyu, Kiswahili and Luo), Uganda (English, Lango and Luganda), Liberia, Haiti (French and Creole), Guyana, Nigeria, Guatemala, Nicaragua (Miskitu and Creole) and Honduras.
It seemed to many Europeans that Luganda and the Ganda were superior conductors of Christianity to be used in other parts of the protectorate.
The worldwide team of professionals behind can translate into all languages, from Morocco to Mozambique, including, Swahili, Luganda, Somali and Swahili.
(27) The cleric's speeches were translated into Kiswahili and other local languages, as well as Luganda, a widely spoken language in Uganda.
There are also sizable proportions of pupils who speak Shqip from Albania and Kosovo, Igbo from parts of Nigeria, Luganda from Uganda, Sinhala from Sri Lanka and Amharic from Ethiopia.
Sonia said: "Luganda was easier for me to learn than for an English person, because some of the words are similar to Taiwanese and it gets easier with each language you try out.
Despite her university qualification in an applied field and knowledge of English, French, Swahili, and Luganda, she was unable to find work.
The parents of all participants were fully informed about the purposes and limitations of the study and provided a written consent in either Luganda or English.
Languages: English (official); Luganda and numerous other local languages.