Luis Cabral

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Cabral, Luis


Born May 11, 1931, in the city of Bissau. State leader in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau; brother of A. Cabral.

Cabral graduated from school in the city of Bissau in 1948. Since 1953 he has been active in the national liberation struggle of the people of Guinea-Bissau; he was one of the founders of the African Party of Independence for Guinea and the Cape Verde Islands (PAIGC). After 1961 he was secretary of the National Workers’ Congress of Guinea-Bissau and occupied positions of responsibility in the PAIGC. In July 1973 he became deputy secretary-general of the PAIGC. Since the attainment of independence and proclamation of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau in September 1973 he has been chairman of the State Council.

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