Luis de Lacy

Lacy, Luis de


Born Jan. 11, 1775, in San Roque, near Gibraltar; died July 5, 1817, in Belver, the island of Mallorca. Spanish political leader; important participant in the Spanish Revolution of 1808–14; general.

Between 1803 and 1808, Lacy served in the French forces. He was sent to Spain with the French occupation army. In 1808, Lacy went over to the side of his people and defended his homeland from the occupying forces. In 1812 he was appointed governor-general of Catalonia by the Central Junta. After Ferdinand VII was crowned for the second time, Lacy was relieved of his post. In official disfavor, he lived near Barcelona. In 1817 he led an uprising in Catalonia demanding restoration of the Cádiz constitution of 1812. It ended in failure, and Lacy was shot.