Lukasinski, Walerian

Łukasinski, Walerian


Born Apr. 14, 1786, in Warsaw; died Feb. 27, 1868, in the Shlissel’burg Fortress. Polish revolutionary.

In 1819, Lukasiński founded a secret patriotic organization, the National Masons, and in 1821 he organized the Patriotic Society. He advocated the reestablishment of Poland’s independence. Arrested in 1822, he was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment in 1824. The next year his term was increased to 14 years for his part in the abortive uprising in the Zamosc Fortress. Soon after the outbreak of the Polish Uprising of 1830-31, he was removed from Poland by the tsarist authorities and held in solitary confinement in the Shlissel’burg Fortress until his death.


Pamietnik. Warsaw, 1960.