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Luminaire Led manufactures durable and vandal resistant LED lighting solutions for public housing projects in New York City.
MKS Instruments' new Ophir FluxGage FG1500 measurement system for LED luminaires features an aperture size of 144 x 64cm, enabling the photometric measurement of largesize street and industrial luminaires, LED flat panels, and troffer lights.
The Luminaire Selector 2.0 facilitates collaboration and communication between the manufacturer and their representatives, by connecting directly with manufacturers to upload their data to The Luminaire Selector database.
For the 31 judged outdoor products, target areas included pedestrian-scale, garage, roadway, parking lot and wall-pack luminaires, as well as integrated sensors and dimming control.
Coco Luminaire produces the electronics for its products at The Gosforth Studios, with the letters themselves being manufactured nearby.
Testing of luminaires takes place automatically at a time convenient to the end user.
The new dual purpose luminaires are offered in multiple wattages, starting with a 21w high output LED version in standard architectural bronze or custom RAL finishing options.
The LED technology also ensures that the InVerto is a maintenance-free, energy efficient luminaire which has more than 50,000 hours of life.
a: The wattage of line-voltage luminaires not containing permanently installed ballasts, transformers, or similar devices shall be the manufacturers' labeled maximum wattage of the luminaire.
The company says the luminaire will deliver years of stand-by life, while the built-in battery status indicator allows monitoring and testing without the need to touch the luminaire.
In contrast to accent lighting, uniform wallwashing provides curators with a lighting tool that does not require any luminaire readjustment for changing exhibits [Lou, 1995].
is developing a two-pronged strategy for its LED luminaire business, including contract manufacturing operation and brand name operation, the firm's spokesman B.Y.