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The antenna subunits absorb the luminous energy and gets excited, and then transfers the energy to RC pigments for original photochemical reaction.
In its design and access statement, Luminous Energy said: "It is clear that the proposed development represents a proven low carbon technology that is supported by the government and will contribute to the diversification of the rural economy."
The luminous energy introduced an aspect of fragility and impalpability and not only created a crisis for the primary object (sometimes bottles as well as various fabric items) but also altered the way colors and forms were read.
Luminous Energy Ltd want to gauge opinion over a proposed fivemegawatt farm which would cover 12 hectares of land on Rhosgyll Fawr Farm, Chwilog, Pwllheli.
The Body without Organs simply buzzes, bloated with luminous energy: a sensation of asphyxiating nirvana caught in a chorus like "I'm drowning in love," or an mc chant like Oooooh gosh!