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And the lumpen proletariat goes to church, in the ghetto, with the Reverend Isaac Blakey at the Church of the Sheltering Arms.
Thereby upholding a tradition Ralph Ellison commented on in Invisible Man of discontented, crafty, and charismatic middle-class black boys inciting the lumpen proletariat for existential fun and profit.
The cities were characterized by the presence of a "declasse" element composed of a true lumpen proletariat and a group of new young migrants from the countryside.
A constable was stabbed at India Gate and a vehicle torched by the mob which, by evening had been infiltrated by lumpen proletariat.
Famous for his faux-naive paintings of the lumpen proletariat at work and at play in the shadows of the nearby Salford mills, Lowry depicted factories that were as far removed from Warhol's eponymous studio as the Russell Club was from the hedonistic excesses of Studio 54 .